December 30, 2011

traveling could be oh so easy if only i could fit into a suitcase like this!

Image from the drifter and the gypsy.

December 15, 2011

String! It is so simple yet so funtional.
via momo living

December 12, 2011

13 sleeps

Rustic Christmas ,how wonderful.
april and may

Happy Birthday

To my darling son happy birthday,may all your hopes and dreams come true.

December 10, 2011

New Product

Last year i had the pleasure of helping Skye of Cloud Story on her wedding day.
Now i am pleased to say she is sharing her talents with everyone on her online store.
Skye is so creative and amazingly beautiful person,so obviously i asked her to make some gift cards for Love loans and linen .I have to declare i am a little excited to see them today.
So if you are looking for Wedding Stationary you must have a look,i am positive you
will find something to love.

December 9, 2011

I obsess over stools.I know this is a little strange,but we moved into our house over a year ago
and it has a perfect breakfast bench.Well it would be if i could decide on what kind of stools i want.
Image from fryodogdesign

December 7, 2011

Not only do they own The Cooks Larder one of the best cafes in Avalon,but Samantha Mackie
is an amazingly talented girl.Her photography is crisp and genuine just like her Christmas decorations.If your lacking some December cheer go into thier store and relish in the culinary
delights .

December 6, 2011

So sorry

Hello,firstly i would like to apoligise for my absence.To be truthful i have just been completely
lost.Since i went away i have been playing constant catch up.
So i found some wings to send out love and beg forgiveness,it is Christmas time after all.
We have been doing some exciting things at LLL and very soon we shall show you our hard
Angel Wings via lovenordic.blogspot

November 4, 2011

hide and seek

We like to play this game. It is called hide and seek. We have lots of lovely toys for everyone but some of them are hiding! At the end of the day is when our game comes to life and we like to play and rearrange. If you are in the mood for some childish behaviours come and join us in our mayhem of madness. who knows, you might find a treasure amongst the fun you will be having!

October 29, 2011


i love how the simplest of things can bring you so much joy. sometimes when i am at home with nothing to do i love to put on a tutu and parade around the house like i am a ballerina. for that single moment i can pretend to be the star in my own little world. for that moment i bring myself joy with the use of my imagination. what do you like to imagine...

October 22, 2011

Sink or Swim

When I first started working at love loans + linen, elyse told me there was only one way to know if i would fit the part... sink or swim. And boy oh boy have i been tested this week! With my magical fairy gone i have had to swim my way to the shore in my half sinking boat! I arrive however with my feet upon the sand looking back at the fun and excitement i have had this weekend. I hope you have had fun too!

Image from painet

October 21, 2011

sometimes i feel like this bookshop is my life... an array of endless stories, ideas, experiences, mistakes, adventures, catastrophes and more. Endless numbers of hours spend philosophizing over the most minute details of my life. choices to make... paths to cross... oh how it could be just that little bit simpler if i wasn't so indecisive!

October 15, 2011


So elyse has finally broken free and left us behind as she begins her adventures in the mystical lands of indonesia. I can tell you now that she is already missed but boy oh boy will we have some fun these next couple of weeks. Come down and play with me at our beautiful store and we can make our own cheeky adventures.
love tash

Image from Flicker

October 12, 2011

Tomorrow i am off to the airport to pick up my boys.Oh have quickly five weeks go.

October 11, 2011


Latley i have been oh so adventuress.After twenty years of child raising and staying in my safe hometown,i am starting to break free.
Therefore i am dedicating my posts this week to everywhere i want to go.I guess its a little funny that the first stop is the candy store!

Eatible photo vis emmasdesignblog

October 8, 2011

Have always loved the pages of frankie magazine.So fresh and visually stimulating.
Now there is an extra reason too,follow this link for a special treat
Images via eat drink chic.

October 3, 2011

I have always admired Cabbages and Roses .Their simplicity and styling is devine.
It looks like everything im loving is in Europe at the moment.

September 30, 2011


every so often, my sister (who lives in canada) and I catch up have and cooking dates over the phone. This time we decided to make macarons but something went wrong and they turned out to be disastrous. On my recent trip to melbourne i came across a superb italian patisserie, Brunetti, where i believe they have mastered to art of pastries. this is one not to be missed!

September 28, 2011

Its our birthday,I cant believe it has been two years.
Hip hip horray!!
yummy image via always with butter

September 20, 2011

Because everyone needs a little favour.

September 15, 2011

Come Visit

Its going to be lovely!

September 11, 2011

Bon Voyage

Good bye my boys,have fun in Europe.
Dont forget to send back all my lovely parcels.They will cheer me up when i start missing you

September 6, 2011

Two loves combined chocolate and enamal ware
pretty picture from what katie ate

September 3, 2011

time for a little bit of spring cleaning

Its that time of year again.
a change of season with all the fresh scents of blossoms opening. for some reason this puts us in the mood for out with the old and in with the new. why not freshen up your home with our new beautiful spring stock!
image by favim

August 30, 2011

Coming soon

I absolutely adore Pony Riders new Spring range .

August 29, 2011

Spring is early!

It was a lovely weekend at the shop.I never know why but with the onset of spring there seems to be a little change in the air.Spring is so fresh and revitalising .It makes me all energised and
ready for the busy season ahead.
image from scout honour co