August 2, 2013

''A place called home'' Interior styling

I have been a huge fan of Mr Jason Grant for a while. I have always loved his styling work in magazines, and was so excited when his very first book "A place called home" was published. 

His book has been in my pile of 'books to collect' for a while, and it was slowly making its way up my list. 

However I just received an email this week which brought to my attention that not only was I a fan of Jason Grants, but Mr. Grant was a fan of ours!!

This has definitely brought him up to the top of my to do list,  as I hear from a little birdie that we may in fact be featured in this lovely little book of his. 

"Live every day like you're on holiday. Use a beach towel instead of a bath towel and drink from a fancy cup. Create your own resort even if it's just in your mind. Shop smart, use what you've got, decorate with things you love to create a happy home - a place to call your own." - Mr Jason Grant. 


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